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Agarica 40: Special issue on slime moulds (myxomycetes) in Norway

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Agarica is a Mycological journal published by The Norwegian Association for Mycology and Foraging. Volume 40 (2020) is a special issue where Edvin Johannesen and Per Vetlesen present 130 myxomycete species and 8 varieties as new to Norway, and an additional 43 species previously reported from Norway, which are considered regionally rare. A complete checklist of Norwegian myxomycetes (363 species) is also presented.

Johannesen and Vetlesen have been working on this project for several years. Through this work, more than 100 species not previously known from the Nordic region, are now known from Norway. Several of these species have previously been reported from less than five countries worldwide.

This edition is also available digitally as  epub-version  and pdf-version.